Established in May 2015, the year of our lord, The Nico Empire is home to some of the most creative and entertaining content on the Internet. Founded by uncertified genius Nico DeGregorio, the blog contains several weekly podcasts – including The Nico Show, Why is This a Thing and The Think Tank – as well as occasional written posts from Nico himself. The Empire is an ever-growing operation, constantly looking for new, enthusiastic content creators. If you have any interest in contributing, feel free to e-mail nico@twocentsradio.com.


Nico DeGregorio is a frequent podcaster, infrequent moron and emperor of The Nico Empire. After joining the successful podcast Two Cents Radio in 2013, Nico has gone on to produce several shows of his own including a one-mic podcast called The Nico Show. The college experience is often discussed on that show, as Nico is currently studying communications at Central Connecticut Sate University. He aspires to one day grace the world with his brilliant insight, unwavering honesty and mediocre sense of humor as some sort of media personality. He can be reached through e-mail or on Twitter @funnynicotweets.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m a new listener of the podcast and I was wondering if you take suggestions. If so, please take a look below.

    1. Doctor Who The Movie
    2. Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
    3. Pokémon movies
    4. Batman & Robin
    5. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace
    6. Glee The 3D Concert Movie
    7. Dragon Ball Z movies
    8. Song Of The South
    9. Spice World
    10. Blues Brothers 2000
    Let me know what you think, Thanks!


    Thomas Meehan
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